Baby George playing in the water,
reminding me that faith can be as simple as this.

I used to think that faith had to be complicated.

I thought there was a specific way I should pray, a special formula of prayers and beliefs and commitments that God wanted from me.

I wasn’t sure what the formula was, but I was pretty sure everyone else had it but me.

But I’ve come to believe that faith doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to look perfect, it doesn’t even have to feel perfect.

It’s a simple as dipping my hands in water, touching my fingers to my forehead, my chest, my left shoulder, my right shoulder.

As simple as making the sign of the cross, taking a breath, and remembering that God loves me.

Remembering that I am loved. That in my baptism I have been marked as Christ’s own forever.

This week, every time you touch water, take a moment to remember that water sustains all life; that in baptism you are buried with Christ and raised to new life; that the truth of God’s love is like water, coursing through our bodies, moving through the atmosphere, rushing across the face of the earth, renewing all living things.

As you dip the sponge into the soapy water to wash the dishes.

When the washer starts and the water pours out onto your dirty clothes.

When you wake in the night and reach for a glass of water.

Trace the sign of the cross on your body, and breathe.

It can be that simple.

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