Humbled, Surprised

This week was Ash Wednesday, the first day of the ancient Christian season of Lent.

I spent a few hours at the Pacific Beach boardwalk with others from St. Andrew’s and PB Methodist Church.

We called out to anyone walking by – “today is Ash Wednesday, if you would like ashes or prayers!”

It was awkward, and uncomfortable – even for me, the biggest extrovert ever.

What struck me was that every time someone heard us and said yes, I was surprised.

Some people stopped and asked us about Ash Wednesday. Some had never heard of the tradition. Some were part of a church community but weren’t going to make it to church that day.

Whoever they were, I was surprised every time.

I want to keep putting myself in places where God surprises me.

Here is the list of prayer requests I wrote down from those interactions at the beach. Join me in praying for these folks today:

Tony – to get closer to God
Mary – her grant writing project
Glen – he had a date Wednesday night and a job interview Thursday morning
For one struggling with addiction
For a friend
Roman and Stefan – for clarity
Esperanza and her children
Sunshine (he wanted a star on his forehead, so I drew one with the ashes and said: “Remember that you are stardust, and to stardust you shall return.”)
John and Mary

When have you been surprised by God?

3 thoughts on “Humbled, Surprised

  1. Nice work Mary Lynn boots in the ground take the good news into the streets. Awesome. Wish I could be there. PB Methodist huh? Bully to you. Hold them tight. They need it..m


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