How Quickly Things Change

If this was a normal Thursday morning, I would be meeting with the St. Andrew’s staff. I would be getting ready to do chapel for fifty preschoolers in the sanctuary. I would be going out to meet someone for coffee. I would be standing at the door to our preschool at pick up, greeting families.

Instead, I’m sitting at home, looking out my window, and feeling a slight whiplash.

Things have changed so drastically, so quickly. In a matter of days, everything I took for granted about my life has been turned upside down.

And I’m aware of my privilege in this moment – that I have a job I can do from home, that I have a home to isolate in, that my home has food in the pantry, that I can step outside and breathe fresh air.

How has your life changed this week? I’m right in the middle of the grief of it all – the loss of community on Sundays, missing hugs from preschoolers, wishing I could go out to eat with my friends.

This moment in our lives is forcing us to express our faith in new ways. When we can’t go to church on Sundays, how do we connect? How do we pray? How do we teach our children without Sunday school?

Let’s start small. At bedtime tonight (whether you have small children or not), consider these questions. If you live alone, write your answers down in a journal or call a friend and talk about them over the phone.

During your bedtime routine, invite your children into a time of reflection about their day, maybe by saying, “Did you know that God really wants to know what happened in your day today, and that God is always listening whenever you need to tell God something?” Then continue with these questions:

1) What are some things that happened today that you want to tell God about?

2) What is one happy thing that happened today? What is one sad thing that happened today?

3) Did you see God or feel God with you when those things were happening? Where did you see or feel God when those things happened today?

4) What are some things that you want to tell God that you are grateful for today?

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